Have You Ever Had, Or Have Currently Unfinished Beats On Your Computer That You Know They Have Great Potential? But It Feels Like You Can't Finish Them Because Of A Temporary Beat Block Or You Can't Continue The Process In Your DAW? Or You Might Just Be Looking For That Different Touch For Your Beats & Take It To The Next Level Of Producing. 


I'll Help You Finish Your Beat!  


I'll Help You Finish Your Beat As A Collab Between You And Me! You'll Receive A Dope, Industry Quality Beat With Clean, Quality, Crisp Sounding Mix And Mastering That Professional Artists Around The World Are Looking For To Purchase! The Beat Will Also Be Promoted Through All My Social Media, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundclick etc. 


All Lease Sales Are Split!


Yes! If I Sell A Lease, You Sell a Lease As Well! So For Example, If We Sell The Exclusive Rights Of The Beat, (I Sell Exclusives For $300+), You'll Receive A $150 Split From That To Your Account Instantly! The 50/50 Splits Are Also Applied To The Basic Lease, Premium Lease And For The Track Out Lease As Well. All Leases, Sales Are Split 50/50 Through The BeatStars System. 

Let's Work Together!


This is a FREE Service.


We Know That Team Work, Makes The Dream Work So Contact Us TODAY  And Let's Make It Happen.


More Recognition, Success And Beat Sales!


Every Music Producer Is Looking For That Loud, Clean Sounding Mix. Having A Great Mix & Mastering On Your Beats Can Help You Achieve More Recognition, Success And Beat Sales Online! Having a Clean Mix & Mastering On Your Beats Is Also Makes You Look Professional In The Crowded Online Beat Selling World! 


A Great Sounding Mix, Dramatically Increases The Chance Of Getting Sales!


It's A Proven Fact That Artists, Companies, Brands Are Looking For Beats To Purchase That Are Already Mixed And They Don't Have To Spend Extra $$$ On Getting Them Mixed By Their Engineer. If Your Beats Are Already Mixed Clean And Ready To Go, They'll Purchase Your Beats And Will Come Back And Buy More Beats From You In The Near Future. 


What Makes EliteOnTheBeat Different?

I Will Mix Your Beats With As Much Care & Attention As I Do My Own Beats!


I've Spent Alot Of Money On Learning Form Engineers Over The Years, And Testing What Works And What Doesn't! You Don't Have To Spend Years Or Thousands Of Dollars To Get Your Beats Sounding Amazing. This Service Will Help You Achieve That So You Can Focus On Making Beats And Don't Have To Worry About All These Things. Let Me Do The Work For You! 


Go And Order This Service Now! 

Because Having A High-Quality Mix On Your Beats Is One Of The BEST Investment You Can Make.


In Order To Provide Mixing And Mastering Service, Submit The High Quality WAV TrackOuts With No Fx Or Panning!

I'll Contact You On The E-Mail That Was Provided. My E-Mail Is EliteOnTheBeat@Yahoo.com


Turnaround Time Is LESS Than 7 Business Days.








Record pod cast but aren't happy with the over all quality of your audio? Are you a logo designer but have no sounds to go with your graphics/3d animations? Are you an independent artist on a budget , trying to make your dreams come true while not recording in the ideal recording environment? Do you have 4 kids and they won't stay quiet even with a snack or a ice cream cone? Do you have bad recordings due to bad ground loops, hums, static, pops clicks, or other unwanted noise in your audio? Do you have an old vinyl record, cassette tape or another bad recording that you need restore to meet modern high quality standards? LOOK NO FURTHER!

EliteOnTheBeat has you covered!




Get sound effects for your short films, videos, podcasts, apps or logos, or even your youtube videos!

The sound effects are all ROYALTY FREE and mastered. 

I'm a sound engineer with more than 6 years of experience. And I would like to help you. 

Its very important to clearly explain your ideas BEFORE you place your order. 


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